Pressure Safety Valve Calibration and Testing

Time to recertificate your safety valves?
Get a quote by sending a mail to Our facilities located in Mikochen light industrial area, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam Tanzania will test and calibrate your safety valves in best time.
Safety valve must be set on a safe working pressure range to ensure safe operations. This is achieved by calibrating and testing your safety valves regularly. We can perform “Safety valve take-off pressure seal test/liquid test” up to 20MPa in gas test at 0.4% calibration accuracy.

Types of Pressure Safety Valves:

Flanged Safety Valves RF/RTJ
Threaded Safety Valves
Pilot-operated Valves

Dimensions and Pressure Rating of Pressure Safety Valves:

Inlet diameter: 1/4’’ to 2’’
Outer diameter: up to 6’’
Rated pressure: 0 to 200 bar
Equipment: vessels, pipelines, flowlines, compressors, pumps…